Saturday, February 16, 2008

46. The kindness of strangers

As you may have read recently, I've joined several swaps at the same time. Something I don't usually do, but one is a mitten swap - not too strenuous - and the other two are easy. I've enjoyed getting things ready (and mailing out) for my cocoa swap partner and I've knit the dishcloths for my swap pal.

One of the swap pals seems to be a real sweetie. Now, these are all anonymous swaps, so I won't know who these people are until I get the package. But MZ leaves me comments all the time! And I don't mean in a weird stalker way, but in a "wow, isn't that neat!" way. I'm such a small tadpole in the knitblog world, that a single comment is a big deal.
I'm looking forward to finding out who you are "in real life!"

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trashalou said...

Just FYI it is not me this time! ;-)