Wednesday, February 6, 2008

35. Owls are too cute!

And they're awfully easy to make, too! Like so many people, I fell in love with this owl (scroll down to the Jan 31 entry). And there are links posted. So I clicked my way over here and used this Tutowlrial. And I used this pattern. Moonstitches said her pieces are about 7mm and 10mm, so I used my handy, dandy copier and enlarged the pattern to about that size.

First step -
is to remove all the detrius that has accumulated on your sewing table since you last sat down to sew. See the presser foot there on the left? That is to a Bernina. The machine in the table? Not a Bernina - that foot obviously does no good there. But you'll notice the cut out pieces there.

2. Sew one side of the "belly" to the rest of your owl.

3. Sew the second side and then the angled piece along the top. I (being the fantastic quilter that I am) forgot to add a seam allowance to the pattern pieces. So I used a small (very scant 1/4") seam allowance. I didn't need to clip the curved pieces - or trim the point.

4. After turning right side out, I turned it again, pressed the seam allowances towards the center, then turned again. Fold down the peak, and stitch a beak with decorative thread. I used pearl cotton. I didn't have a button jar handy, so I opened up a box with beads to select eyes. And found the two most perfect buttons!

5. After sewing a beak, I sewed the on the eyes. I ran a line of running stitches around the open end, and then stuffed Owlie.

6. Loading pictures tonight is very difficult! Blogger is not cooperating, that's for sure. Ok - I give up for now. I'll try posting the rest tomorrow. Ahh....don't you just love suspense!

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