Saturday, March 1, 2008

54. It worked!

I had the briefest post written in my head for today. Explaining why I wasn't going to post today and how I had (regrettably) fallen off the Blog 365 wagon.

But my Cocoa Swap package arrived! Last night, I bought a container of hot cocoa mix, and sure enough, my long anticipated package arrived in today's mail! Yippee! I feel bad for my swap partner (who didn't leave any contact info in the box! I'll write the swap hostess). The package was mailed on 2/13 from New Haven, IN. I'm not sure if you can read this postmark or not, but on Feb 32, 2008, my package was stamped in Coleman, MI! Nope, that is not a typo - the post mark truly reads "Feb 32."

This package was well and truly worth the wait. I have vertigo today (which is why I wasn't going to post). So the package couldn't have come on a better day to make me feel better. This is a shot of all the goodies still wrapped:

Ms. M spent a bit of time wrapping each item in cheerful tissue paper. But the goodies inside the tissue! I sure hope you hit a really good sale - I do feel truly spoiled.

Wrapped in all their glory were three tins of cocoa mix. The gift bags in the bag each are a package of "snowman soup:" cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, candy cane, and a "mix-in" for the cocoa - one is crushed candycane and the other crushed heath bars! Dark choco covered espresso beans, a bar of chocolate, three (!) kinds of cookie treats. And I truly love cookies. A wonderful mug (I had wanted to send a mug to my pal. But she is overseas and I was afraid of the breakage.) Sheep stitch markers, my "blah buster buddy" and yarn.

As soon as she came out of her tissue, she told me her name is Evelyn. She did not warn me that she is a camera hog (but she is!). Evelyn wanted to personally show you the goodness of the stitch markers. In my questionnaire, I had said I wanted to try some of the Knit Picks Harmony needles I keep hearing so much about. And in yarn preferences, I said I hadn't ever gotten to use any of the "luxury" yarns that have become so popular. Well, Evelyn wanted you to see the beauty of my brand new Harmony dpn's. And see the yarn she is perched on? That is Knit Picks Andean Treasure in the "moss" colorway. It is a gorgeous heathered green. And I got (are you ready?) four skeins of this beauty!
The exclamation points have been running rampant in this post. But Evelyn and I think they are well deserved.
Thank you very much Secret Pal! I'll be happy to find out who the mysterious Ms. M is!


Alwen said...

In my house we call it a "voodoo post" when we complain about something that was supposed to arrive, but didn't, and then it arrives that very afternoon.

Sometimes it's a voodoo phone call or email to the senders asking why it hasn't arrived yet that makes it show up. :D

Anonymous said...

i am so very glad that you cocoa package finally made it to you. you were a very easy person to spoil and i cannot tell you how glad that I am that you like your package. sorry about the post office delay who knew February had 32 days. My name is Natalie McLaughlin. sorry if i forgot to put it in the package. Happy cocoaing..