Friday, January 11, 2008

11. And I complained about 4!

I think last night was worse. Or at least, the accumulation of two nights of lousy sleep sure has me feeling worse today. Here's to a good night's sleep tonight.

I haven't done too well with my weekly goal list! Well, I did knit the slippers and drop them off for J. But come to find out, she wasn't nearly as ill as I had been told. She won't be working full time/40 hours too soon - but she has already been back to work. But I suppose she still deserves the slippers.

I've worked on sleeve #1 for Mr. Greenjeans (still no in progress pic - maybe I'll remember that tomorrow), but it's not finished.

But I have resurrected some old projects and have a new idea. I was going through some stuff this week. A box of garbage, and a bunch of stuff to Salvation Army this week. And came across some cross stitch kits all packed away. I used to get a monthly Secret Needle Night mailing from The Silver Needle. You don't know ahead of time what you're getting (the Secret part), but everything is included - linen, pattern, fun floss and threads, and a recipe. It's a lot of fun to get these little kits in the mail every month. Until I became a collector and not a stitcher. So then I subscribed to the Bent Creek zipper series for awhile.

Well, I've been working on one each morning for a little bit. The natural light is good, and I don't put my contacts in, so I can see better. (Odd, I know, but I'm nearsighted. The contacts help my distance vision, but play hell on my close work. Gee...might have contributed to no needlework?)

I've been working on Bee Strong. I'm further along now, as I took this photo a few mornings ago. Hmmm....can't seem to upload the picture. I'll try tomorrow and edit the post. Oh! Third time's the charm.
But I actually had a point in this ramble. I like embroidery. I enjoy samplers, and the like. But didn't think I "had the time." Well, just 30 mins a day isn't a lot of time - but it sure adds up. I also resurrected some very old quilt piecing. I'm going to pick an old project and work on it a bit each week. Just pick one that I want to work on for a few minutes each day. Doesn't have to be the same project each week, but it might be. Obviously I make up the rules as I go along!

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