Tuesday, January 8, 2008

8. Aarrrrgh!

Well, I'm apparently dense. I can learn new things. And I am sure that I am missing one teeny, obvious, and very important step. But I still can not manage to adequately insert a button onto the blog.

The ladies over at the Mmmm...Hot Cocoa swap have put an info button on that blog with instructions on how to put a button on your blog. I thought I had done everything in the tutorial. Please notice that there are no buttons over there on the side. I started a Flickr account - I'm probably one of the last people without one, but that's been remedied. As of right now, the only pictures I have in my Flickr account are the two buttons I want to try uploading. I think that tomorrow I'll send a personal email off to someone and ask her to tell me what crucial step I have missed.

I just might have been seduced into trying to make homemade marshmallows. Don't these look devine? They came from this recipe which seems fairly easy and pretty straightforward. According to comments left on the recipe site, if kept in a sealed container, the marshmallows will stay fresh for several weeks. Hmmmm.....not only would they be fun to include in a package to my son, but I am in a hot cocoa swap!


Anonymous said...

Felicia, I can walk you through it on the phone today if you want :-)

Anonymous said...

I use that same recipe by the way for my marshmallows.. and wow. fantastic! :-)