Monday, January 14, 2008

14. Hot cocoa on the brain all the time!

With the fun of the Mmm..Hot Cocoa swap on the brain, it has led to constant cups of hot cocoa in the tummy. Amazing how much you want something when you are thinking about it all the time. And in a true Duhhh....moment, I've started adding some milk to my cocoa mix. I drink a sugar-free variety which has never really had "it" for me. It was just lacking richness. Well, smack me upside the head. I've started making mine with about 1/3 cup of milk and boy, howdy! Adds that richness back into the cup, that's for sure.

And a Happy Birthday to our fearless cocoa swap co-leader! I owe her a phone call. Today was going to be the day, but with work, errands, and an appointment, the day just got away from me. Hopefully, tomorrow will do better. Oh! And I just read today's entry on her blog. She's having a contest, so head on over and do you best guessing.

Still camera less - which also means Bob is still gone. Maybe he'll be home Wed night and I won't have to sleep with the heating pad to keep warm!

Weather permitting, tomorrow I'm going to the yarn store! Yippee! There are two near each other - but a bit over an hour away from me. I started to go there last week, but had several bad things in a row happen. I figured the universe was telling me to Stay Home - so I did. But I get to actually have a shopping list - too fun.

1. Mitten knitting - I've contacted and been contacted by the people I'm knitting for/receiving knits from. I have my selected mitten pattern on out, color choices written down.

2. Cocoa swap - wish list/happy yarn choices printed out from my pal's questionnaire

3. Long lost project - I have done some bead knitted amulet bags. I even have all the beads strung for a second one. While cleaning out stuff last week, I came across the strung thread and beads and the pattern books. (We won't mention the small bag of pearl cotton and beads also rediscovered.) No needles. Taking that along with me tomorrow in hopes of acquiring needles (I really know why Brits call them pins when doing this! The bags are knit on 1.25mm needles). If anyone actually reads this, you really do need to click on that link - the samples are gorgeous!

4. Fingerless Mittts - Son #1 asked for a pair of fingerless gloves - like the pair I made for his girlfriend last year. Awwww....So, sock yarn (unless he requests thicker) in the required color. I've also asked if the girlfriend needs new ones.

5. I'm also thinking hats to match the new fingerless gloves. Maybe Koolhaas for him and Odessa for her. So, Odessa pattern ready to go. IK magazine on the stool next to the mitten pattern. I've been told there is a neat bead shop also in town up the street from the yarn shop.

Hmm..hope the shopping list doesn't need anything else added. That's quite a list and should keep me quite busy.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about your shopping excursion!! Sounds like you have big plans for knitting. I am thinking about trying to knit a pair of fingerless gloves..something new and I have plenty of sock yarn!! Your Cocoa swap buddy.

tricia. r said...

Hey! Jolly Ranchers very yummy! BTW you didn't think I was so weird when you received your ISE5 scarf!!!! ;-)