Saturday, January 5, 2008

The smell of wet wool

It must be a knitter thing. But for me at least, the smell of wool hanging up to dry is a pleasant smell. Warmth in the waiting. From left to right: A wool skirt I sewed. I ran the fabric through a warm wash, cool rinse and the dryer before making the skirt. I'll happily hang it up to dry so it will last longer now that I know it won't shrink. "Leftover" socks - knit with three small balls of yarn left over from other socks. The socks from my Sockapalooza angel, socks from Tess's designer yarns (the yellow has faded in a very disappointing way), Trekking socks in a plain ribbing, and a pair of Breeze anklets with contrasting toes. All of my socks are in regular "sock" weight yarn. Considering where I live, I need to try some socks in thicker yarns for winter. Maybe I'll do a pair or two for this winter.

Currently worried about my family. I have two sons, father, sister, aunt and cousins living in California. Yeah, I know - what on earth am I doing here? Anyway....I've left messages everywhere. Talked to one cousin and my aunt and they are doing well. Cousin said not a terrible amount of snow where she lives. Aunt just has some minor road flooding. Both commented on the very high winds. Now if only my son would call.

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