Sunday, January 20, 2008

20. What fun!

Michelle called and asked if I wanted to go to a Sit & Knit with her. I am still camera-less, but she took a few pictures and I know she'll post soon.

We went to Mountain Knits & Pearls in East Stroudsburg, PA. I couldn't find any information about a website. What a nice shop! The classroom area was part of the store room - which only meant that while surrounded by yarn, it was in a large area that was very well lit. I think everyone that came was from Ravelry. One of these days, I just have to accept my invite and join. Everyone was just super nice and it was wonderful to sit and knit with everyone.

And what did I knit? Well, another swatch, of course! But I got very lucky. One of the knitters does a lot of colorwork and told me that a 2x2 color block design was not a good choice for a swatch. Apparently, that is a very unstretchy stitch design and will not give an accurate swatch. So I switch to a 3/1 design. Are you ready?? I got gauge! Finally - boy, does that feel great!

I also purchased yarn to include in my Hot Cocoa swap package and my Mitten swap package. Yum, yum.

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