Saturday, January 26, 2008

26. Defeat the doldrums, Topic 2

Boy, this sure came in handy! Too tired to come up with something on my own. I can't wait to get my camera back. A few pictures will help. Didn't mess up any knitting today. Mainly because I didn't actually knit anything today.

Our topic this week is to share a story of something that we knit and gifted. And was it well received?

Well, I don't actually knit for anyone else. I do a bit of charity knitting. And a few swaps, obviously. But no one in my family actually appreciates hand crafted items. I knit a seaman's style scarf for a cousin once, but I don't remember that ever being acknowledged. But I do have the attitude that once you gift an item, you have to accept the giftee's response. One year, I knit someone a pair of socks. Now, I knew this person would probably not understand the work involved in hand knit socks. But she had been terribly helpful to me during a really rough situation. I even learned to knit in arch support. Her response was that the socks were too thick, so she wore them as slippers. Now, these were done in fingering weight yarn, and I've never had any problems wearing them with any shoes of mine. But, what can you do? She did make a point of showing me that she was wearing them with her boots when I saw her recently - which is a big deal actually. But nothing about how good they feel, how well they fit, or anything like that. Which is why I get to keep all of my hand knit socks for myself!

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