Friday, January 25, 2008

25. Random Friday

I managed to get my hair done. Finally. I haven't gotten used to the new hair cut yet. But the cut was my choice, not a bad stylist. And I think once I get used to the new 'do, it will be great. But the last time I had it colored the way I wanted wasn't even by a "professional." I worked with a girl who did hair on the side. And I always loved my color then.
I have absolutely no idea how I ended up there, but I have just spent the last while at Lost Arts Studio. I was skimming the archives looking for the beginning of a certain project when I came across this post. Well, okay, that's the archive for Nov 2006. But scroll down a few posts, and there is a delightful post with references to knitting in the Beatrix Potter books. After seeing the movie Miss Potter, I would dearly love to read a biography of Beatrix Potter.

Boy! Two random, one paragraph.
Mittens are still in timeout. Camera still gone. I've successfully knit two dishcloths. After weaving in the ends of the second, I just might feel confident enough to move on.
I can't sleep. Well, to be correct, I can't manage to get a decent night's sleep. I drag through the day. By 8 o'clock, I'm ready for bed. But I'm sure that if I go to bed at 8 pm, I will wake up for the day at 2 am. So I stay up for a bit more. And come 10 pm, I am wide awake. Last night, I finally went to sleep at 3 am. Guess I should have just gone to bed at 8 - at least if I was awake at 3, it would have been after sleeping.
I started the "buddy" for my cocoa swap pal. And ripped it out. But I did manage to successfully knit a second dishcloth. I used the "parquet floor" recipe that was posted on Mason-Dixon knitting - check the Dec 2007 archives. I enjoyed knitting it (heck, I did it successfully, what's not to enjoy at this point), but gosh! There sure were a lot of ends to weave in. Not used to that on a dishcloth.
I am going to the local book store. Having a large coffee so I can get through the day. See what knitting I can manage to arse up while I'm there.

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