Wednesday, January 23, 2008

23. Stitches, patterns, and links...Oh, my!

I finally accepted my Ravelry invite. Absolutely everyone who has joined has said what a fantastic, wonderful time-suck it is, so I sorta stayed away. I really couldn't afford the time. But I joined yesterday. I have been very sparing with the time-suck aspect. In part because I can't yet take advantage of many of the wonderful features. Since my camera left this morning after a brief visit, I can't upload my stash. Really, what's the point of saying I have X skeins of Z yarn if I can't post the color? Although I bet there is a "library" section that I should start adding to as I buy books.

But this afternoon I was looking for a specific yarn. I have two leftover skeins of Peace Fleece from my Everyday Cardigan. Peace Fleece has cheerfully said they would be happy to let me exchange my leftovers for a different yarn. Won't that be wonderful? New sweater's worth of yarn, but not having to pay for the whole lot? Yummy.

Came across one skein of Joslyn's Fiber Farm Mohair Myst - 50% kid mohair, 50% merino. And while I fell in love with the lovely soft colors, I never did have any idea what I would knit with my lovely single skein. Ahhh...Ravelry!

There weren't any projects using Mohair Myst. So I did a search for free patterns using worsted yarn. And I have added the "ScWiNoNa" to my queue. The Scarf With No Name used just 265 yards for a scarf that finished 6.5" x 70". So mine may be a bit shorter since my yardage is 240 yards, but I still think it will be lovely. Oh, and here is a link to the blog, not a ravelry link. Her pictures are truly lovely so be sure to click the link!

And in a total random segue, I have found even more needlework kits. I haven't worked on my Bee Strong piece all week. Tough to get any progress that way. And while I know there are several kits in a box in the other room, I have been assembling all kits as I find them into one zipper tote bag. Remind me not to buy any needlework kits, patterns, or linen until I've stitched up something!


Lil Knitter said...

Thanks for the sweet comment. I was so shocked that I won. I think I even squealed when I read the results. lol
Yay, you got in Ravelry. I'm lilknitter there is you want to add me to your friends.

km said...

Thanks for the comment. I couldn't believe I won. I had tried to vote, but blogger wasn't letting me comment anyone for a few days. On Ravelry, I'm aDayInTheLife. I don't have time to update much there either, but it is fantastic for finding patterns for my stash.