Monday, January 7, 2008

7. Old Magazines, New Projects

I picked up some things from the ex's house today. Included were some quilting and knitting magazines, including Interweave Knits from 2003. I haven't really looked through the rest of them yet, but I looked through the Fall '03 issue while having lunch.

Oh. my. goodness. What a great issue! I have never had any desire to learn intarsia until now. I have absolutely fallen in love with the Geisha Cape by Nicky Epstein.

I think this cape is just stunning. It would look great with pants, a dress (think "little black dress!"), or a skirt. I now need to learn intarsia.

And I think I know what mittens I want to make for my swap partner! In the same issue, is the pattern for this Colorwork Hat and Mittens by Rebecca Harris:

It looks like a great pattern. The pattern calls for Cascade 220 which is available everywhere. But is just a regular worsted weight, so substitution would be easy. Oh! Think of a dark solid for the background and then a variegated/hand dye (Blue Moon? or any of the indie dyers) for the foreground color. The hat style isn't one I've worn before - but who wouldn't like a matching hat?? I guess this issue was waiting for me to be ready for the projects. Just think - a "new" magazine with great projects and I didn't have to lay out any cash for it. Too fun!

In a P.S. - I'm copying Sandy and numbering my posts. The kid in me thinks that will be fun once I get past January!

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