Wednesday, January 30, 2008

30. Mitten Angst

I am normally a continental knitter. And I am (desperately) trying to learn to knit with the yarn in my right hand. So that I can use one yarn in each hand for my two color mittens. And my right forearm aches. I have chronic tendonitis in that arm. But it hasn't bothered me (much) in quite awhile.

I've just finished the second braid on the mitten. Which just might be contributing to the ache factor - gosh, I hope so. Stranded color work is so lovely. I would absolutely love to knit a Dale of Norway Olympic sweater. Starting a bit smaller than that for my first color project seemed like a grand idea though. I sure hope this works out.
I've gone so far as to consider a different pattern for my swap partner. But I looked over some of the pictures of mittens from the last swap and they are just wonderful. Thankfully, that was enough inspiration to keep me going on a bit further.
But first I think it's snack time! I have a sticky bun the Dear One brought to me that is calling my name! Yummy....lots of carmelly goodness for the topping and lots of nuts and raisins.

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