Thursday, January 31, 2008

31. It's been cold too long!

Earlier before running some errands, I had a few occasions to venture outside. Bring the mail in and get something out of the back of the car. Actually, the something was a file cabinet that I bought last week and has been in the car ever since. Well, the weather was so nice that I actually considered taking the cabinet out of the box while still outside. Nope, I brought it inside only because the box had handles so was easier to carry.

Well, it was so darn warm that I changed clothes. It was so warm, I didn't want to wear pants but changed into a skirt. Long sleeve (but lightweight) sweater, skirt and tights. While running my errands, I was asked how the weather was outside - was it really warm, or was the sun deceiving.

I did think it was warm - at least in the sun for the few minutes I was outside. But while driving in, I heard the local weather forecast. And the chipper DJ was happy to inform me that it had warmed 29*!

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