Monday, January 28, 2008

28. By jove, I think I've got it!

I am so excited! I figured out how to do the two color braid in Bird in Hand! Here is what v 1.5 looked like pre-frogging: Remember, the first brown rounds (at the bottom near the cast on edge) are for the picot hem. But the second brown blob? The braid. And the first row of knitting above the braid. I don't like the look of it that way.

But look at this picture - paying attention to the upper right of the picture!

I figured out how to make only the braid in the contrast color. I am so excited about this! Ok, so that I remember how to do this on the second mitten, here is how to do that. To make the braid, you M1 and return that stitch to the left needle. Knit into the back of the second stitch on the needle, and then knit into the front of the first stitch. Remove both stitches from the left needle, return the one stitch on the right needle to the left. (I) am going to do it this way:
a. M1 with contrast color yarn, return to left needle.
b. Knit into the back of the second stitch with the background color. I like to use a crochet hook to do this. This is the stitch that forms the next row of stitches.
c. Knit into the first stitch on the left needle with the contrast color. This stitch forms the braid.
d. Remove both stitches from left needle. There will be one stitch on the right needle (the first stitch only) in the contrast color. All other stitches will be made from the background color.
e. Return the stitch to the left needle. Repeat ad infinitum! And this is as far as I got yesterday:
But I only have a few rows left in the first flower chart, then I get to do the braid again. And (finally!) once I am done with the flower chart, I will be in new territory again.


Alwen said...

One of the nice things about having a blog is being able to go back to your own blog post when you can't remember how you did something and finding a description complete with pictures!

Margaret said...

The contrast color braid really stands out better than the same color! Thanks for the details!