Monday, March 3, 2008

56. Insert clever title here

Actually, I'd be please to come up with any clever title! I've been having horrid internet connections lately. So I get to post multiple entries whenever I get on-line.
I'll confess to not reading a lot of non-personal email that comes into my box. And so far, I haven't read all the emails from the folks at Blog 365. I can't even load the button onto my sidebar, so what's a little email flaking? But apparently, there are monthly themes to help out bloggers who get stuck. Which really shows I should be reading those emails! This month's idea is "list." (I didn't read the email, but I do read Norma.) Sounds fun. Not sure how good at lists I'll be, but it's something to keep in the back of my head.

1. Cocoa is good. Cocoa with a healthy chug of Bailey's is even better.
2. I got my hair done tonight. It's even better than Cocoa with Bailey's!
3. Still no idea on the socks. But I started something else instead.
4. Apparently, I'm a very good monogamous knitter. I get a lot done working on one project at a time. But I don't hesitate to set something aside until more appropriate weather. Or to end the life of a project as evidenced by yesterday's post.
5. My fingers seem to think that having a list means I don't have to "talk" in complete sentences.
6. But I think I type much more formally than I talk in person. The whole grammer thing I think. Which has obviously gone out the window tonight.
If I can get on-line tomorrow, I'll try to give some information about my new project. It involves miters which are a bunch of fun. Who knew! The first time I typed that sentence, I left out the "r" in the the word "miters" - mites are not fun. But I'm just kinda guessing here. Maybe if you're a girl mite and a new cute boy mite just moved into the neighborhood? Eww...I'm going now.

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Anonymous said...

oooh cocoa and baileys is so yummy isn't it! :-)

The mites are cracking me up!

How about some pomatomus socks with me :-)