Friday, March 7, 2008

61. Done for awhile

With swaps I mean. I usually sign up for one at a time, but this time, I was doing three at once! I just have a bit of detail left on my mitten swap partner's mittens (to be mailed next week), but everything else has been coming to a close. And it seems to be just in time. We're heading into heavy work time getting ready for our upcoming quilt shows. I'm sure I'll write about this ad nauseum, but in April we go to Chicago and New Hampshire. In May we'll be driving to Salt Lake City and then on to Portland. Whiel the car is prime knitting time for me, I sure don't want to add swap stress into the schedule!

I had a fun sit and knit the other morning with new friend Ann. Although we were there about 3 hours - so we do need to pick a place with food next time! If Michelle can't join us, I do have a local place for next week. And if Michelle can join us, there are plenty of choices that are geographically in the middle. Good times - food, chocolate, knitting, coffee and friends. Can't ask for much more!

I looked up from the footstool and really liked my mitten still life.
I didn't even bother cleaning up the area. I like the little teaser shot inside the mitten!

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Anonymous said...

We'll figure something out for next week! :-) I promise!

Those packages are such nice spoilers for you this week! The mittens are lovely and I love your artistic mitts shot!