Wednesday, March 12, 2008

67. Random Wednesday

1. I think the way the word Wednesday is spelled is very wierd.
2. So is February.
3. I made more rice pudding.
4. It has survived more than 24 hours. Musta been the fact that I hadn't had any in quite so long.
5. It's my sister's birthday on Sat. While I have thought about the need/desire to get a card for her for several weeks, I have not stepped foot into a store that sells cards. Not sure how this plan is going to work.
6. The "Ten on Tues" was harder than it should have been - or that I thought it would be. I should probably start on next week's theme today.
7. We (foolishly) accepted the word of the miter gauge on the saw. It was off by 1 degree. One degree on each of two sides x six pieces = no way in hell is this going to work. Had to throw out 500 pieces that were off by that one degree.
8. In the next 30 days (I think!) I will be working at quilt shows in Lancaster, PA, Chicago, IL, and Manchester, NH. Wow. There's a lot of work to be done.
9. I'm feeling very lame about this post. Not quite working the words tonight. Knitting Thur with friends should help.

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