Monday, March 10, 2008

64. My Ravelry pic

I actually had my Ravelry invite for several months before I accepted. I still haven't loaded very much to Ravelry, but I do use the research tools a bit. I still have lots to learn....I am positive that there is some way I can research a specific pattern done in a certain yarn. I need to just plug in some info and see if that works. If I enter "Must Have cardigan" and "brand X yarn" is that what I get....or an error message? I'll have to try that tomorrow.

But I haven't yet had a profile pic posted. I just wasn't sure what to put up there. Like the majority of people, I'm not wild about my picture. Tonight I was thinking of trying to get an attractive shot of the mitered squares I'm knitting. But...Somebunnyslove left a response to a post of mine with a fun suggestion for my profile pic. I'm anxious for sunshine! I tried taking some pics with the flash and under the lamp. It should be no surprise that the pictures absolutely sucked!
And on the topic of the mitered squares - I finished the last one tonight. Tomorrow I get to pick up the stitches for half of the collar and one side of the front. When done, this baby is knit all in one piece. I've tried to weave in the ends as I've changed colors in the mitered squares. But there is still plenty to be cleaned up and trimmed.
Several great picture opportunities await tomorrow's sunshine. Sure hope it's not raining again.
There is no more rice pudding. It was obviously good. And equally obvious - if I want to lose any weight, I shouldn't make it very often. It wasn't a large dish - but I ate every last bite myself.

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