Tuesday, March 18, 2008

73. 10 on Tues

This week's topic is 10 places you would take a tourist in your hometown. Which has been tough. I don't live in a "fun" place - ask any teenager around! But I'll give this a shot- but it may be a work in progress for a few days. Links may or may not be added later.
1. Moon Lake State Park - great walking trails, public pool, and a lake where you can fish or rent paddle boats!
2. Rickett's Glen State Park - stunning waterfalls and great hiking trails.
3. Lackawanna Coal Mine - This area's history is rich in the coal mines. This was an actual working coal mine and is a wonderful glimpse into the life of a miner.

And now I have to move out of this area a bit!

4. Crayola Factory
Philadelphia where I would take them to:
5. Liberty Bell
6. Independence Hall
7. And the Federal Mint - or whatever the "correct" name is!
8. The Ben Franklin Museum - a very kid friendly place, but interesting to adults also
hmm...more later it seems!

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