Thursday, March 20, 2008

75. Talk about a weird dream!

I had the most bizarre dream. We arrived for a quilt show in Long Beach, CA looking rather like the Beverly Hillbillies. Our booth was a very bizarre space, but the description won't make any sense unless you are familiar with the norm. Bob packed everything for this show - but we had no change for the cash register. So I head out to find a bank - with several boys that I have no idea who they were. We drive off through the hills - absolutely nothing like Long Beach. And in the way of dreams, wind up back home in PA. And the Yarn Harlot joins us. Not just Stephanie - her husband Joe comes along too. If I'm gonna dream about total strangers, I go all out apparently.

There is some kind of argument, and Stephanie says she has the perfect solution. Goes into the other room, and returns with a bizarre contraption. Bob pulls one end open, pulls out the knitting, and there is a wad of paper in the middle with the answer to the argument. Turns out all the knitting is socks. And I explain that the only time I wear store bought socks is for exercise. Stephanie gives me a big lecture of the health benefits of wool socks, etc, etc. and I agree to wear hand knit footies as my work out socks. (Yeah, like that's really gonna happen!)

Stephanie explains that the marvel answer gizmo is her pasta machine. Pasta machine? I ask. I thought that was your sewing machine (has she EVER talked about a sewing machine???) or your spinning wheel. No, she responds. It is my pasta machine. And I travel literally no where without it. It is always with me because you just never know when you are going to need a pasta machine!

So Joe and the rest of the guys (still no idea who they are, but what the heck! I'll feed them anyway.) are heading out to buy lobster. I go into the front room to ask Bob if he will make lobster ravioli for everyone. I look into the living room, and Stephanie is rearranging the furniture!
Unfortunately, there was some loud noise that woke me up just then and I never got to find out how everything ends. Does Bob make the ravioli? How does Joe know where to find lobster in PA? What would my living room look like with chairs behind the couch? And for the love of wool, why does the Yarn Harlot travel everywhere with her pasta machine? It even had a nice canvas black tote to travel in!

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