Friday, March 14, 2008

68. Knit Night

Tonight Evelyn and I met Michelle and Catherine (who I was rude enough not to even ask about a blog) for knitting at our local B&N. We all chattered away. The three of us happily knitting away with our hot beverage of choice. Evelyn sat on the table and supervised the knitting. Michelle and I both took our cameras out of our knitting bags and put them on the table. That is as close to a picture that either of us got. Rather like my birthday card buying, that plan didn't work out too well either!

edited to add: "Tonight" was Thursday night. I even posted it Thur night after I got home - to fit in with my Blog 365. But the post reads Friday. I'm still counting it as Thur's post. But if you happen to have read Michelle's or Catherine's post and wondered if we were knitting fools and met Thur and Fri - well, yes and no. We may be knitting fools, but only met once this week!


cmm said...

Hello there Felicia
Yes, I do have a blog,
not alot goes on there, just my blathering on about my knitting projects. I am a rather quiet soul when I first meet people. Can't wait until next week though.

Have a great day!

insanknitty said...

Hey there! Such a great evening out... too funny that we both managed to NOT take a photo... ahhh well.. next time eh!
Hope dinner with the honey was good!