Wednesday, March 19, 2008

74. I had enough!

Thankfully, there was enough purple yarn for the front of the cape! Not much left over. I'll be ripping out the swatch so I can use purple in a couple of the miters on the fronts.I have no idea why the color washes out so horribly. Natural light? Washed out. Flash? Washed out. Maybe outside on a gloomy day?
Do you read The Rainey Sisters blog? Well, scroll down. I can't get my embed the link thing to quit highlighting text. But in the March 16 post, Susan posts a picture of the most stunningly beautiful knitting you can hope to ever see. Which of course, led me to - (embed code not cooperating). It's all stunning. Go take a peek - but bring a bib to wipe up the drool! Don't say I didn't warn you though.


Alwen said...

It's hard to take photos of purples, I think.

Purple flowers are also really hard. My irises and the fall asters never come out quite right. Some of my seed catalogs say below the photo that the color was adjusted because the camera sees the flower as pink.

trashalou said...

Hey chick! Congratulations on your win from the cocoa swap. What did you choose? I went for the Uh-Ohs.