Friday, March 14, 2008

69. Patterns swimming all through the brain!

Darn that Ravelry! Someone asked a simple, innocent question about knitting a Charlotte's Web shawl. (I'm not gonna link. The pattern has been around awhile and if you want more info, shout out and I'll get up off the couch and find it!) So I responded to the simple, innocent question. Which led to me doing a project search of some (but not all) of the Charlotte's Web pictures posted on Ravelry. Which led to me (again) wanting to make another one. I like my Charlotte's Web. I think I have a picture somewhere. If not, I need to take one and I'll edit the picture into the post. But mine isn't big enough. And looking at all the lovely CW's was very inspiring. Especially the ones that the knitter made bigger.

Usually, I'll agree that lace and variegated yarn don't work. But in this case, I like it. From the reviews I've read, I don't think I'll use the new Noro sock yarn to actually make socks with. But I started thinking about the colors in Noro used for a CW. Or Trekking also has long color runs and is a very consistent yarn. Hmmm......

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insanknitty said...

ok, so that pattern TOTALLY didn't look like I was expecting.. but it's beautiful!