Saturday, March 22, 2008

78. I can be so slow sometimes

Do you have any idea what brilliant thought just occurred to me? You know those 12,600 holes I had to drill? Well, duhh....there needs to be something to go into those holes. Yeppers, 12,600 dowels. Now, cutting that many dowels isn't a big deal. Set up your how long you want your dowels to be, turn on the band saw, and presto! Small dowels.
But "we" decided that each end of the dowel needed to be rounded. It does look better. And the dowels fit into the holes nicer. But good golly! That is over 25,000 ends I get to round.
We bought a pencil sharpener. Which does work. But (unfortunately) I like the look of the ends that have been sanded better than the pencil sharpener ends.
Guess who alternates their time between the belt sander and the drill press? A name for the sander must be next.

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cmm said...

glad to hear that you are feeling better!


We had my dad take some of those from the scrap you gave us to use as purches for bird houses.