Saturday, March 8, 2008

62. I already forgot!

Not sure where my brain is, but while sitting here on the couch, I already forgot what I was going to post about! Boy, talk about a stupid moment....I've been writing mental posts all day long. I'm going to save my Sat sky picture. Mainly because the camera is across the room and I'm here. I tried to check the river levels, but I can't get the official site to load - they're probably being inundated with people trying to check the same thing. Definite flooding going on in NE PA.

I recently started knitting miters....and days ago, I said I'd tell all about them "tomorrow." Well, I guess tomorrow has finally arrived. The pattern is by Trendsetter Yarns using Merino Sei. I am making the Mitred (their spelling, not mine) V Capelet. I've done a google and ravelry search and can't find an online picture to show you. But the back is composed of 25 mitred squares, on point. You then pick up stitches along two of the sides that become the shoulders and then on down the front. The bottom edge of both fronts has more mitred squares.

When in Houston, a yarn booth had this sample on display. There was also a longer style on display done with more colors. Well, I bought the supplies for the shorter style in the colors of the longer one. So my fronts will be two different colors and the back miters are in a total of four colors, not two.
This shows the beginning of the third miter. I was really forced into posting this tonight - I just started square #21! You also see my Blah Buster Buddy (from my cocoa swap partner) Evelyn getting into the action. She has become my knitting supervisor.

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