Sunday, March 16, 2008

71. I have the aquamarines...and randomness

I have stolen this from another blog. I don't remember whose though, so I can't give appropriate credit. Shout out if you know.
I don't have the blues. Just a bit of the aquamarines. Should be gone soon.
Doing a lot of work in the basement. The drillpress has become my new best friend. With the new item we have been contracted to make, I "get" to drill 12,600 holes. No, that's not a typo - twelve thousand, six hundred. Maybe that's part of my mood???
And while I'm not standing in one place without moving around, my feet keep going numb. So I come upstairs, and prop my feet up on the massager. But I think that tomorrow while Bob is at the dentist, I will go get new shoes.
I am at the worry stage in the cape. I'm trying to remember not to call it a sweater - since it's not! I am down to the last ball of purple yarn for the left front. I am crossing my fingers that this is enough. And have them double crossed that if it's not enough, the store will have more in the same dyelot.
I had an absolutely wonderful conversation with my sister yesterday. It was her birthday. So the conversation totally revolved (80%?) around her. I kept asking questions about what was going on with her. You know how you're trying to be polite and keep steering the conversation around to "and what have you been doing?" Well, I wouldn't let her. On your birthday, you should be able to talk about your life. And she has just bought a house. Very exciting stuff. One of the forays into my life was about my quilting. Which has been non-existant. She made the comment that she just can't see me without a sewing room. Which I haven't had since I bought this house - it's in a perpetual state of undoneness. And I do know that the occasional bout of aquamarines can be tied to my lack of creative sewing opportunity.
I hope you enjoy the cookie recipe from yesterday. I'm going to try adding in recipes occasionally - and it could be a great source of blog fodder!!

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gottaknit said...

I have those Aquamarine moments also. In fact I am having one .. so I made an appointment to get my hair cut and colored. I have never colored my hair before and I am looking forward to it.. with some trepidation.. hopefully this will be a pick me up..