Friday, March 21, 2008

76. I spent the day in bed

And I wasn't awake long enough to have any fun either. I get occasional bouts of vertigo. Except for the last two little "incidents," it has been getting progressively worse each time. I've been checked by the chiropractor and mine is indeed caused by a middle ear imbalance. If someone knows of a holistic approach I can take, please, please let me know what it might be.

The only common factor is that afterwards, I am left wiped out. I think I was out of bed about five hours. And I slept non-stop. We drove into town to run an errand and had lunch while out. Once I got home, I had a strange desire for ice cream, had a small bowl, and went straight back to bed. And fell instantly to sleep.
The next day was better - at least I was awake! But I am going to try to get my blog posts back up to date. The not blogging bothered me the whole time!

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Alwen said...

I don't know if this will help you, but I guess it can't hurt to pass this along.

I read an author's blog who has severe vertigo which had gotten worse. She saw an internist who referred her to a dentist or orthodontist for jaw alignment and tooth filing.

IIRC, she said there were nerves in the skull that were affected by her jaw misalignment, and it was aggravating her vertigo to the point that the floor felt to her like it was made of ocean waves.